Frequently Asked Questions

What can I personalized on your products that I choose and can I bring my own product to you?

You can view our product pages on some designs and select from there. But if you have a different design in mind or change it a little, like a different font, layout or different image/clipart, you can contact us to discuss about it. We will be happy to accommodate. The charges for your dedicated design may be the same as those reflected on our website or a nominal addition charge may apply depending on the intricacy of the design or artwork. Yes, you can send your product to us to be personalized. We will have a look at it to see if we can do it. However, a gentle reminder that we will have a Note on Exemption from Liability for Damages for you to sign as we are unable to replace or pay for the item if things did not go right, e.g. mistakes made during the work process, etc. If we are using our product, we can replace it easily and ensure that you receive your order in perfect condition.

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Do you extend discounts for bulk or quantity orders?

Yes, tiered discounts will be applied to the quantity. You can contact us with regard to this and we will do our best to work out a suggestion that is helpful for both parties.

What are your modes of payment?

Payment can be made via Paypal or PayNow at +65 96633703 upon checkout.

Do you have self collection option when I need to have my order ready as soon as possible, for example to collect the next day or within 2 days?

For self collection, kindly contact us before placing in the order. This is to check if we can fulfill it as required. If all goes well to proceed, the placing of order and payment process will be via fast communication modes like whatsapp or messenger, and payment via PayNow or Direct Bank Transfer without going via the website's Add Cart and Checkout method as the shipping cost will automatically be generated. Self collection venue will be in Punggol at any point that is convenient for you.

Is there international shipping?

The prices quoted on our website is in Singapore currency by default. If you are ordering from overseas, please do contact us regarding the currency conversion (SGD to USD). As for international shipping, we will get the quote in USD for you from the freight company as well as the lead time for the goods to arrive at your destination. Payment can be made via Paypal to but not via the website's Add Cart and Checkout as shipping cost will be generated in Singapore currency. Regarding Tax in your country, you will need to pay for it when the parcel arrives at your destination. The freight company will inform you on the amount to be paid. If the order is placed locally in Singapore and requires international shipping, you can go via the website's Add cart and checkout as there is international shipping cost in Singapore currency.

What is the lead time for processing my order?

This will depend on the type of personalizing and product you are ordering. For example, if it is a pair of glasses, the lead time to complete them plus packaging is about 2 to 3 days upon receiving payment. If delivery is required, it may take another few days. If you require the order urgently, self collection is a better option. For customizing and personalizing candles, it can take about a week or more depending on the quantity. Please contact us regarding the lead time.

Will my order be packaged nicely as shown on your website?

Yes, we do package the item in a gift box. But there are times when the type of gift box shown may not be available, we will use a substitute gift box. Same with the ribbons, a different colour will be used. Ordering from us, really helps to save precious time and transport cost for you to source for gift box, ribbons, etc.

Do you have a physical store that I can visit to view the products?

Ours is an online business with catalogue on items we are good at for personalizing. We will continue to add on more interesting items. There are times when the customer really wants to view a sample and ensure it is what he or she wants before ordering, we can arrange to meet up. On a note of assurance, we are registered with ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) in Singapore. Our business ACRA Registration Number is : 52892011A.

More enquiries

Please feel free to contact us if you require further assistance on your enquiries. We will be happy to hear from you and address your concerns. Please send your enquiries via Contact Us page, email to or whatsapp at 65 96633703.

Terms & Conditions

Warranty of Goods/Services All our goods and services will serve their intended functions. Prices All our prices are nett. We are a non GST registered business. Cancellation of Order 1.Cancellation of order after the draft artwork has been approved by you and before we proceed to do the personalizing or customizing work, refund is 80% but you have to inform us within an hour after the draft has been approved. 2. Cancellation of order when you clicked on the wrong item, refund is 100% but you will have to click on your intended order or purchase before we do the refund. 3. Cancellation of order after the draft artwork has been approved and personalizing or customizing work has commenced, there will be no refund. Confirmation of Goods An acknowledgement will be sent to you. If the ordered item is out of stock, we will inform you within 24 hours for your further action, for example, re-select another item of the same value or request for full refund. Exchange of Goods All our goods sold are non-exchangeable as they are personalized or customized, except where the item is broken upon receiving it. We will replace it. We appreciate that you take a few photos of the broken item with date & time you received the parcel and forward it to us. Feedback We welcome your feedback, be it good or dissatisfied with our goods and services. Please send your feedback via Contact Us page, email to or whatsapp at 65 96633703.